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Linda Ward
I'm looking for any information I can get on any of the Machris Brothers, more specifically George L. Machris.  He was the President of Wilshire Oil for decades, and it's amazing that he's not better known.

My husband is his great nephew, so I'm curious to know more about him.

Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Linda Ward
Dublin, Ca.
Debbie Phenis
I Linda,
I just found you posting.  My gg grandmother was sister to Bessie Sprague who was married to Victor Machris.   I don't know a whole lot, but I can tell you what I know about the Machris family.   George is one of 3 boys.  Victor, George and Alfred, in that order.  There parents were Victor Machris and Marie Duetch.  Young Victor married Bessie and they had 2 girls, Marie and Katherine.  George married Elsinore C. Buellke, not sure about children.  Alfred married Mable J. Hartzler, and son, Maurice, and a daughter Lillian.  I think the brothers grew up in California, but they weren't born there.  They got their start in the oil business by selling gasoline door to door.   I just found his obit in my notebook.
G.L. Machris, Retired Oil President, Dies.
George L. Machris, 73 who got his start in the oil business sellling gasoline door to door and ended up as president of one the industry's leading independent firms, died today of a heart attack in Palm Springs. 
Machris retired as president of the Wilshire Oil Co. only this year and bought a home in Palm Springs.
The Wilshire Oil Co. was founded in 1914 when Machris, then a cigar box manufacturer here, and his late brother, Victor, a garage owner, concieved the idea to sell gasoline door to door.  Later they started on of the first chains of gasoline stations in the southland.
Refinery and production interests are owned by the company in Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming as well as California.
Funeral services ae pending here. Machris leaves his widow, Elsinore, and a nephew, Maurice, who is married to the former Paquita Lick.
He died October 7, 1952.
I hoped that helped a little,
Sadie Palewsky
Wow, thanks very much. that's more information than I've ever gotten about my family. I'm the great, great niece. Hi Linda.
Hi Linda, Debbie,

I was doing some research on Marie Machris' first husband and son and through a fluke found your request for info from 2008. My great uncle was married to Marie's sister Katherine. Since your request goes back a few years and I'm not sure if you will receive this, I will wait for a response from you before detailing information that you might find interesting.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Jay
carl schulz
Not sure if any of the 2008 original posters are still tuned in but here's something of interest for you: Harry Hartz in the Vic-Mac Special miniature racecar in front of the Victor Machris Garage c.1915

Best Regards
Carl Schulz
Indio, CA

Charles E. Forsyth
I have a history with Bessie Machris, wife of Vic Machris.  She was a childhood friend of my mother to the extent that I called her "Aunt Bessie".  I visited her home just off Vermont and on King's Road behind Ciro's.  I knew Marie and Katherine, daughters of Vic and Bessie Machris.  I have a picture of me as a child at the dinner table with Bessie, Marie and Katherine.
Debbie Phenis
Hello Charles,   I just saw your posting!  Wow!  I'm researching Bessie's family. I'm her sister's gg granddaughter.  They have been a hard to research. I would love to hear any stories you can remember. 
Brandy Alexander
I have an interesting story regarding elsinore machris
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