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Gerry McMahon

Can anyone tell me who lived in 1767 Morton Ave in 1929. I am researching my family history and have a photograph of my Grand Aunt taken at 1767 Morton Ave on 1-31-1929. The names on the photograph are Mrs Banville, Annie, and Fred. Annie was my Grand Aunt and Fred, we believe was her husband, but we do not know his surname. I am hoping that some how we can get some further information on my Grand Aunt through this photograph. Any information would be most gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.


Gerry McMahon,


Co. Clare



There is a group called norcal. It is a northern california based genealogy source and it has links to free searches for marriage and death information in california.


You might use their links to search for more information.


Also in Los Angeles the torrens land system was in effect in 1929 and it listed by address buyers and sellers of properties by street address.


You might be able to find more information in that index.


Torrens system was discontinued in the late 40's as I best recall so there would be more work for title insurance companies.


The links to norcal lists are:


NORCAL LIBRARY http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~yvonne/norcallib.html
NORCAL Genealogy Index http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~yvonne/NORCAL%20index/



Gerry McMahon


Many thanks for your suggestion. I have contacted Norcal to see if they can assist. Many thanks


Darrell Urbien

Robert, how does one find information on Torrens Titles in Los Angeles?

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