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Leah Feilsan


I'm working with a contractor to renovate/redo my pool.  I live in a 1926 Spanish house in Beachwood Canyon and I'm afraid I’m on the verge of making a huge mistake with regards to materials etc…  Is there a group I can contact or is there a contact I can call to help me not make a huge mistake?  The pool has been drained and I'm starting to pick materials.  My contractor is urging me to select to get the job finished.  I'm not good at this - HELP!!! :-)

If anyone can contact me with guidance I'd appreciate it.

Leah Corselli Felisan
Kevin Kuzma
While I don't know of a specific resource for period-style pools, see the books "Red Tile Style" or "Casa California" for many photos of '20s Spanish houses. There are sure to be pictures of backyards with pools somewhere.

As for details, a band of Spanish style tile around the waterline would go a long way in tying the pool to the house's style. Just a thought.

Good luck,

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