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Ken Early
I would like information on Ada Mae Sharpless.  I knew her Parents, Sister and Niece in 1952 in Santa Ana.  I know her parents have passed away as I am sure she has also.  I believe she was born in 1904.  Did Ada Mae move back to Hawaii after living in LA for a while?
Does anyone have any information on Ada Mae's niece, Sally Sharpless?  Sally would be about 77 years old now.


I came across Ada Mae Sharpless's photo in a vintage Santa Ana High School yearbook I have, and was struck by the independent spirit in her face. How interesting to find that she became a sculptor and contributed this great piece to to the city. This short biography states she may have returned to Hawaii: http://www.historicechopark.org/id34.html


She is Sally Garrett.  Married to Walter.
she lived in honolulu before moving to kailua-kona where she lived at the kona bali kai. a friend was a companion of hers and he is 76 and can answer specific questions.
Nancy sharpless
Please call 949 728 1250 .
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