Historic Echo Park
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I lived on Champlain Terrace and that block had many yards with avocado trees. One yard in particular, on Donaldson along the dirt alley had three varieties of avocadoes! They had the original meso-american cultigens that looked like small eggplants; one strange, perfectly round and un-etible variety; and one "regular" looking thing that like the round one, I swear this is true. was so hard that it would rot in the tree before it even became soft enough to eat!

My tree at...1619 (I think) had delicious fruit that I used to sell to Cuca's tiny store on the Avenue before they closed in the early seventies. Those taste-engorged fruit make me HATE the Haas guy out in Brea who developed his bland thangs fit for those who know no better...

Jacinto Guevara
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