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Martin Mahler
I lived in Echo Park from appx. 1965 to 1977 when I went into the service.  I remember many a weekend walking 2 blocks on Reservoir St. We lived just over the big hill from Alvarado.  I remember watching many a silent movie and Westerns that were played there.  I think it cost us 50 cents to get in back then.

I also lived on Allesandro St. near Berkeley Ave.  in a house that had a round, castle like breakfast nook.  We then moved to Mohawk St. where at the top of the hill you could look across Alvarado to the old movie production place where the lil rascals and other films were made.  I remember Zan Raab being one of my neighbor's there.

We then moved to Lemoyne St. where my parents bought their first house right near Effie St.  I lived there for about 9 years. 

I have many wonderful memories - playing tennis and being on a soccer team at Griffith Park near the fountain on Los Feliz Blvd.  Fishing from dawn to dusk all summer at Echo Park Lake on the island or near the lily pads by Alvarado.

I left California in 1984 and have lived all over the South Eastern part of the U.S.; I live in Houston, TX currently.  Wouldn't mind hearing from those that knew me.

Zan Raab
I don't know when this was posted, but I just saw it today, December 15, 2009.  I remember the last name, Mahler, but not Martin.  If you wish to contact me, I'm at: zdraab@socal.rr.com.  My memories are pretty good of Echo park, myself.  All those streets in that area where you used to live, I clearly remember.  I lived at 2321 Berkeley Avenue

Sandra Ponce
Hi Martin,

I sure do remember the "Studio One"!  It used to be called "The Ramona" way back when I saw "A Hard Days Night - starring the Beatles" there in the 60"s.
My family and I lived on Douglas St, Bellevue Ave and finally ended up on Laveta Terr (my parents still live there).  On Saturdays myself and the other kids in the neighborhood would walk to the Ramona and literally spend all day at the movies watching the same movie over and over!   We paid 25 cents to get into the movies.

Did you by chance to go Cortez Street Elementary School (now called Betty Plasencia Elementary School?)  I attended there thru 6th grade but have never run into anyone else that went there.

Was great hearing about the Ramona again what wonderful days those were!
sal valdez
we lived on marion ave. just off sunset blvd. back in the 60s. we used to go to the studio onemovie theater.  they would always show a double feature. saw many elvis presley movies there.  i also attended cortez elem. school, then our lady of loretto on union ave.
Zan Raab

Studio One theater.  I saw Born Free there.  A big thing for me cause my parents didn't let us kids go to movies or watch TV.  I always enjoy hearing about people who lived in Echo Park.  Just to hear the names of the streets and places there bring back vivid memories. 

Michael G. Davis
I was interest in your memories of seeing films from the Silent Movie era during the time you were in that area.  Do you recall any of the movies or Movie stars that you did see?  I've visited the Echo Park area several times and appreciate its history.

Darrell Urbien
Hi Sondra,

Just saw your reply to Martin above. Do you or your family have any photographs of the Laveta Terrace area that may overlook McDuff and Sunset Blvd (where the Asian Supermarket is now)? I'm looking for images of that area, the earlier the better.

As for Studio One, I grew up on Marathon Street and we walked to the theater many times. Kinda curious to see how "Mohawk Bend" is going to be..
Zan Raab

What is Mohawk Bend?

phil mog
hi this is phil mog
I lived on lucretia,the avenue and morton
I saw Barbarella(sp?) at studio one (and many others like Zulu)
I grew up in echo park.
went to Elysian heights,king and Marshall
used to know the streets like the back of my hand
marshall class of 74'
Cheryl fox
Hi, I sure remember the studio one theater and even when it was the Ramona. It was great fun to go down there every Saturday matinee withy sister and some friends-Naomi, Mary, Sally, Katie, and Martha. We would stop at the Springfield market at the corner of alvarado and sunset, by the donut shop, and buy everything we could with our dollar allowance to eat during the double feature. We would go into the theater with a shopping bag full of goodies! What memories! It's like mayberry USA. We lived on alvarado street at Scott ave. We went to mayberry st elementary. Also, logan, king, and Marshall. My parents owned the pet shop, tiki aquarium, on Berkeley ave. At Glendale blvd. Those were good times-Cheryl Ehlers
I saw a few movies at the old Studio 1, most mid to late Sixties, a few into early 70s.
What I miss in that area was across the street in the mini mall -- the Foster's Freeze and later, the headshop run by that friendly guy who was a little round in the mid section.

Forgot to mention that my pops, Jack Kunitomi, was a longtime teacher at old Cortez Elementary.

Bob Olivas
I lived on Coronado Terrace from 1962 to 1979 and have such good memories of my friends and I heading to the Studio One theater for the double feature matinees on the weekends that cost a whole fifty cents!  We would cut across from Coronado Terrace through the Public Walk to Waterloo Street and then down to Sunset Blvd to Studio One.  It would take us a whole fifteen minutes to get there!  No parents along, just kids on an adventure to see a movie.

My entire childhood was spent in Echo Park, attending Mayberry Street School, King Jr High, and John Marshall High.  Though I now live with my wife and kids in Orange County, I still often go to the old neighborhood.  It's so good to see all the new shops, bars, and restaurants that are springing up in the area.  We even recently dined at the new Mohawk Restaurant that is located in the same building as the old Studio One theater. 


I lived on Benton Way for many years and remember walking to Echo Park and doing our shopping there. I also remember going to the Pioneer grocery store which I think it is now a Walgreens. I remember walking several times with my cousins or uncle to Studio One. I saw E.T. there. I have so many wonderful memories. I now live in Nebraska and we were in California almost 2 years ago and passed by Echo Park and it brought back so many memories.

I lived in & subsequently owned a home on Laveta Terrace, overlooking Sunset Blvd. from about 1957 to 1990, when my Mother, who lived there passed & we sold the property.  I have some wonderful old pictures of the property, built in 1921, by a Mr. Howard Kegsly.  There were thicker trees at the top of the hill & our home was adjacent to the Laveta stairs...all 65 of them.  The top gate on Laveta, had old sleigh bells on them (until they were stolen off when the property was for sale, shame on you who took them).  The bottom gate on the 1st landing of the stairs had a "K" on it (for Kegsley).  The StudioOne was prior to then, the Ramona theatre.  I still know the girl from up the street on Laveta & a few others from the area that grew up in Echo Park & even worked at the Studio One...(you know who you are).  
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