Historic Echo Park
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Charlie Noyes

I am wondering why Bellevue Ave is so wide? Especially between Glendale Blvd. and Alvarado. Was Bellevue once a through street between those 2 streets?
Thanks, Charlie Noyes 

Annalisa Magnusson
Bellevue Av. was once a major thoroughfare, with homes and businesses on both sides of the street, and starting near the Plaza. Originally, it was a very short street, and as such was named Short St. Later, in 1885, it was lengthened and called Bellevue Ave. and named for a town in France. It ran from the NW boundary of the City Limits, then SE to Edgeware Road, then turned SE again to Upper Main, between Reservoir St (now another portion of Sunset Blvd) and Temple. From the Plaza to what is now around Marion Ave, somewhere, it was what became Sunset Blvd.
--Annalisa Magnusson
I am a film history enthusiast and the use of Echo Park Lake in movies made between 1912 and today.*

For your information, the 1915 Keystone film Tillie's Punctured Romance, with Charles Chaplin and Marie Dressler has some great wide shots of the Glendale Avenue neighborhood looking south to Sunset.

*You can see my collection of 400 1920's film star portraits at EskimoSpitBath.com
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