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Richard Thompson
I am researching architect Howard E Jones who, in 1908, designed a building at Temple St and Echo Park Ave.  It was said to face Echo Park and Children's Playground. The building was to have seven stores and twenty apartments.  An article, which includes a drawing of the proposed structure, appears in the Oct. 11, 1908 issue of the Los Angeles Times, page V22.  The owner was Charles M. Stimson.

Does the building still exist?  Does the intersection still exist?  Is there a photo?  Anything on the architect?

I have lived in Echo Park for 40 years off of Temple St near the tennis courts.  I dont think Temple and Echo Park have been an intersection (if they ever were) since before the Hollywood Fwy was built.  There is an older building at Temple and Edgeware Road that has apts upstairs and a liquor store and a laundromat on the first floor (when I was a child, the laundromat was an old market with sliding front doors and wooden floors with a meat section on the left hand side, I think it was called "Browns Market". 

Darrell Urbien

I know quite a bit about this building, which was the home of one of the relatives of someone I am researching, musical instrument maker Chris Knutsen.

I'm at work right now, so can't remember the exact dates. Email me and I will tell you all about it - the short story is it still exists, but it's been MOVED, pretty much intact, down to Glendale and Court. It's been modified, of course, and it's not exactly in great condition today.

In the course of my research, I've found lots of buildings that moved around LA. I guess in those days it was cheaper to move than to build from scratch. I can't imagine this immense building moving down Temple, making a left, and then trucking down the road... Unless they took it piece by piece?

I have several period photographs as well as shots in its current location.


Darrell Urbien
BTW, in Knutsen's time (c.1915-1930) EP Ave and Temple DID intersect. In fact, sometime in the late '20s the city decided to extend EP all the way to Glendale, which unfortunately ended up destroying Knutsen's shop in the process.

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