Historic Echo Park
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Martin Sanchez

I grew up in Echo Park.  I lived there for 20 years in the 70s, 80s, and part of the 90s..  I use to live at 1421 Sunset Blvd which was on top of Casa Blanca Furniture store.  The apartments no longer exist thanks to the 94 earthquake.  My question is, does anyone know what the space where casa blanca furniture is in use to be in the early 1900s?  I once heard that it was a club or restaurant and that Rita Hayworth (excuse any spelling errors) use to dance with her brother as entertainers of the club.  I hope someone has an answer.  I also wondered what the name of the apartments were.  there is a carving on the cement in one of the steps leading to the apartment that reads Mission apts.  That place was old.  I remember it having ice boxes where they would deliver the blocks of ice before refrigerators existed.  I have great stories of growing up in Echo Park.  I had a great time, the best childhood.

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