Historic Echo Park
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Jacinto Guevara

I lived in Echo Park from '64 to '78.

Back in the sixties I would walk up the street in front of Elysian Heights-Fargo I believe-and go to the two (or three) storey apartment building on top of the hill that had a 'yard' that was a concete/rebar/lathe mini, European style city with little buildings. There was decayed galvanized water spouts and light bulb sockets. Year after year this display was evermore damaged by vandals. Around '86 I saw that the whole thing was gone.

PLEASE tell me I didn't imagine it.

Anyone have fotos or history of this example of 1920's kitch? Who was the architect of the building? Does someone have access to Herald, Examiner or Times period fotos heralding the opening of this edifice? Could Sabatto "Simon" Rodia have built it with the company he worked for?
I lived on Champlain Terrace in the back house next to the alley. My full name-Orlango J. Guevara is written in the concrete in front of the school my my class mates. I believe my webpage (http://www.JacintoGuevara.com) has at least one scene of EXP that I did in the late eighties (Kite Hill From Vestal) before coming to San Antonio to be able to live as an artist.

San Antonio, Texas


The street the apartment building is (was?) on is Preston. Along the westside was an open land area that may or may not have had high tension power...thingies.

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