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Chris Mullen

My name is Chris Mullen and I live nearby in a historic Victorian in Pasadena.  I am in the process of restoring my home and am currently searching for a wallpaperer who can do lincrusta (Victorian textured linoleum-like wallpaper.)  It has been virtually impossible to find anyone in this city where there aren't many Victorians, but was hoping someone in your  neighborhood might be able to help. 

Thanks so much
Linda White

I am having the same problem.  I have purchased 4 rolls of Lincrusta Frieze but can find no one who can install it.  Let me know if you have found answers.
So sad you are all so far away!  I live in Northern Maine and I've installed beacoup Lincrusta.  I enjoyed working with it.  It was really hard at first but then once you get the hang of it, it is amazing to work with, the finishing touches are endless.
I use to own a painting/wallpapering/flooring business and did that for 20 years. 
I was just surfing the net trying to find good prices for lincrusta, I want to do my living room ceilings to get the tin look and also want to do my bottom walls.
I use to buy wholesale from a company in Florida called Royal American Wallpaper, I liked their service. 

Well, if you need help via email, drop me a line.
I had the exact same question. I haven't been able to find anyone around here that has any experience with using this product either. I have had a box of it for a year and have been dreading tackling it myself as I have never seen it done let alone done it myself.

Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
cherine maskill
Hi guys. I've found this forum only this morning and am fascinated by what you  doing. I live in a typical 1890's English home in the south of England with loads of original features. I have (as pretty much all the houses in this area did and most of us still do)original lincrusta dado panels from the front door all along the walls right upto and including what would have been servant quarters on the third floor. My problem is that a leaking hot water tank has damaged some of the panels on the lower two floors and I can't replace them. They have swollen up come and come away from the wall in big bubbles. Is it possible to repairs them? . I'd be grateful for any advice. Many thanks.
dan G

  I put Lincrusta in my Foyeur. It's beautiful. Only one problem. The paint within a year started peeling. Remember--this is "inside" a house. And my foyeur is no where near any moisture. I would actually suggest tin/aluminum pressed tiles. Some of the designs can be used as a wainscot.I did this in many other rooms and it came out beautiful. Some of the companies are WF Norman, M-Boss, Brian Greers tin ceilings. M-Boss sells aluminum so it won't ever rust. WF Norman gives the option to galvanize. I of course have the galvanized WF Norman and the aluminum M-Boss in my home. The nice thing about it is that you can spray paint the tiles and just nail them up. M-Boss paints them for extra cost. Again very easy to install and nice to use on walls that have 10 coats of wallpaper that you don't want to rip off.

Dan G:  Did you use oil-based paint?  I've seen Lincrusta dados that have been painted for 120 years, still holding their paint. 

Chris, if you haven't yet, just email some of the companies who sell the stuff for information.  It's not too different (the dados and freizes anyway) from hanging regular paper.  But the prep and adhesive are very different, and the companies can tell you what to do and use.
We deal in all sorts of restoration. http://www.trimopolis.com   Feel free to call us
(805)376-0032   ask for Dan or Don
I've been researching and just bought a roll to play with and according to what i've read everywhere - you must use an OIL based paint the first coat or it will peel. After that, you can cover with whatever. This may be why you had issues.
Martin Guest
Have just found this site... and have been interested by some of the comments that I have seen here. I am an approved Lincrusta installer - Advanced Level. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. I am based in the UK,West Midlands, but have travelled around the world demonstrating for Lincrusta. mjguestltd@hotmail.com
corrinna aragon

Chris, I'll post your inquiry on the South Carthay Neighborhood e letter. We have several contractors who live here. Let me know if you get a helpful reply. And good luck.

You must degrease Lincrusta and prime it befor painting. That is a must do. Primer and paint in one does not count. Oil primer is the best.
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