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I just bought a house on Wallace Ave. in Angelino Heights.  The front door is a beauty with Prarie style slats running the length of the panel; however, one slat is missing.


I think I need a carpenter with a router--the slats are carefully bevelled on about four levels.  Anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks!



Hugo Izquierdo
Take it to the carpentry shop on Glendale/Clifford (Alvarez I Believe, easy to miss) across from Recycling plant and Jack In the box.  He does windows and will do special order his prices are ok but he is local.

Hugo Izquierdo
RE/MAX Los Feliz Silverlake

Kevin Kuzma
You can also go to J & J on Glendale, just below temple. They could make the piece for you.

Ask for Raul.


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