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Does anyone know the history of Elsinore St? I discovered that it was originally called Ivers Avenue according to the old fire/insurance maps available through to LAPL archives. My home has been here for over 100 years and I would like to learn more...

Tony Fleming
K.O.  Here's a link to some old time residents on Elsinore.  http://www.movielanddirectory.com/search-results.cfm?ftext=Elsinore  My brother, EJ Fleming, has written a few books on Movieland history.  He reads census tracts and, as you do, Sanborn maps and every other sort of thing you can think of.  If you have a specific question, just click on "Contact Us" at the site, and EJ will get back to you.  Tony
Kevin Kuzma
What a great site.

As we have always thought, Echo Park was crawling with film (& vaudeville) folks.

Thank you for posting this link.

Kevin Kuzma
President, EPHS
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