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Dave Wyman

I'd like to know the history of Fargo Street. I like to try to ride my bike up the street each spring, when the Los Angeles Wheelmen bicycle club shows up.

--Dave Wyman
EPHS Moderator

We assume that Fargo  was originally named "F" Street. There is a short row of streets arranged in alphabetical order, beginning with Aaron and ending with Fargo, in that part of the neighborhood, which was then known as Edendale. Before the Wheelman discovered Fargo, the hill was the site of many endurance tests to prove the strength of new car models, gasoline fuels and brakes. Nearby Baxter Street was also popular for endurance tests.


And I believe that The Little rascals shot an episode or two on Fargo Hill.


Had some friends who lived on fargo.


Said the father, Mr. Petrovich, was a maintenance foreman and store engineer for one of the old department stores.


He moved the house from the front of his lot into the back of the lot and built a 2 unit duplex in the front.


The family lived there many years till Lee Petrovich, recently died.


There was a lot of history in that family and that property.


Donna Houchins is his sister and she lives in the valley. As far as I know his mother is near 100 yrs old and lives with Donna and her husband in the valley somewhere.


The mother was a morman lady, the father was a croatian Catholic of the old old world.


So there is more information about Fargo and its residents in the croation community, at the little catholic church on the corner and school across, and over on the other side of Glendale Blve (East)

Walter Teague

That would be St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church.  Father Paul Seday was there in the 40's.  My father was an usher and my Mom and Dad ran Bingo.  Lt. William Parker LAPD kept them informed of when the cops were going to raid the place.

Levvy Carriker

I lived at the Petrovich house on Fargo for almost 2 yrs.   Lee Petrovich lived in the main house til his death.  That was when I moved out.  I know of many great stories from the Petrovich family.

Donna Retter

I know some about Julian Eltinge's Fargo Street mansion "Villa Capistrano" as I own several pieces of furniture that belong to Julian.  I also have over

500 photos, etc..., of Julian, costume jewelry, pictures of his mansion along

with Julian's Alpine Ranch




Donna - so far I've found info that says that Eltinge had addresses on both Fargo and Baxter - did his property extend from one street to the other? I'd love to get together and talk about Eltinge but I don't know what the procedure is - my email address is ilovepluto2@y.........   Jim

Donna Retter



Julian's mansion was the Fargo St. with his mothers home on Baxter

as far as I know this was the same parcel of land


I also  would like to talk...what state do you live in?  I live in Oregon





This is for Donna Retter....
     I wrote a biography on Julian Eltinge and would appreciate any photos you could provide. Copies will suffice. I'm glad many of his personal belongings are still around. Does Steven Speilberg now live at "Villa Capistrano"? I think he bought the house from Bobby Vinton. My address is: MICHAEL MOORE, PO BOX 668901, CHARLOTTE, NC 28266

Julian Eltinge was my mother's first cousin which would make him my first cousin once removed.


My grandfather, William Patrick Dalton, and Julian Eltinge's father, Michael Dalton were brothers. They were born on Wendell Street in downtown Boston.  The building is still there. Their father was Thomas V. Dalton and came to this country from Tipperary.

David Colbert

I am so glad to see that so many people are still talking about Julian Eltinge.  I have become fascinated with him and his career.  I would love to talk more to the cousins about any historical family information they might have.  I am only a short ride from Boston.  My email is davidcolbert@yahoo.com


I sell things for people on eBay, and recently received a few photos of Jullian Eltinge, that belonged to his neighbor or guest, Ruth Jurling of 2306 Fargo St.  Does anyone know anything about Ruth?

Tony Fleming
My brother, EJ Fleming, has written several books on old tyme Hollywood.  In the course of that research, he has compiled a list of addresses from every source imaginable.  He reads census tracts for fun!  Anyway, here are Fargo Street addresses found at our site, The Movieland Directory.  Enjoy!  Tony http://www.movielanddirectory.com/search-results.cfm?ftext=Fargo

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