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Does anyone know someone who can fix my 1906 double pocket doors? They stick and run unevenly.

I have worked on a lot of older houses in the echo park and silverlake area.

As buildings get older and wood is exposed to inclement weather the shape and size of the wood sometimes changes in such a way as to cause problems as you describe.

Depending on how bad the problem is, it may be wise to have a professional carpenter look the doors over and he can decide whether to trim the edges off, cut some of the door edge away and replace it with better material of a uniform size and fit, or replace the doors all together.

Sometimes all that is required is removal of the doors and hinges and scraping away of the excess paint and debris that accumulates. If paint remover is used along the edge of the doors both where they meet when closing and where they meet the side with the hinges meets more clearance may solve the problem.

Recoating with a good sealer and coat of new paint may then fix the problem.

Doors do swell after the winters rain and by midsummer when they have dried out they may work well.

Also check when you remove the hinges to see that the screw holes are nice and tight so that when you return the doors to their original places they will stay tight. There are artificial wood formulas that can be used to fill up screw holes all together and newer, smaller holes can be drilled if necessary.

If any of the wood is deterioated byond repair it should most [probably be replaced, but it is possible on older building to use fixall or sometimes bondo to make repairs which will last a long time. Just be sure that the part you are repairing will last a while, if all the wood is soft and partly rotten, it should be replaced with new wood.
Don Barnard

I work on craftsman houses, and I have seen your problem many times, as for how to fix them, I would have to look at them and give you my suggestions  as  what might be the problem.   I 'm president of the The Olmsted District Preservation Association  also "Save Historic Old Torrance"  If you would Like to have me Look at the doors, I would charge you $20.00 to look at  them.

310 493-5312 or S.H.O.T.  310 320-0269

Link to my work:  Https://savehistoricoldtorrance.com/2028%20Renovation%20.asp.

http://www.savehistoricoldtorrance.com        go to Gallery   2005 Louis Zamperini  home restoration.
Don Barnard
Hello John,

I  work on Craftsman Homes and have seen your problem many times, I would have to see the doors to see what might be the problem. and give you some suggestions  as to what  might be done to correct  the problem.
I would charge you $20.00  to drive out  and take a look.

You can see some of my work at http://www.savehistoricoldtorrance.com
Gallery ,  2005 Louis Zamperini Home restoration.

My phone is 310 493-5312  if you would like to call.

Have a nice day


Stephen K. Thorp
If you would like help/advice give me a call Mon-Sat  I am in Boston.  Pocket door restoration is all I do.  cell ph is 617 792 4676
Stephen K. Thorp

Hi.  In the months since I saw this question, I have launched a website.

Please visit http://www.fixpocketdoors.com for information and photographs.  Thank you.

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