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Hey,  I live and own two buildings, on the same lot, at the top of Everett St and Everett Park.
    I would love any history, images or stories people could share. I believe the street was established around early 1870s.   My original building was built in 1905 and the second is guessed at 1915.
   Some of the owners of the property have been;
Godfried Zoll
Lynn Moore
Anna F Moore
Aubney King

And I have just recently discovered that a Mr. Fred H. Kiser lived in one of the
smaller apartments in 1932.
   Now the Fred H. Kiser I find was one of the most successful commercial landscape photographers of the first 1/4 of the 20th cent.
     I found an envelope, dated Nov. 30, 1932, while refurbishing said apartment and it is addressed to Fred H. Kiser and postmarked from Spokane, Washington.  He spent most his career in Oregon and the Northern Pacific but moved to Los Angeles in the late 20s, sfter his company went bankrupt.  He then lived in the LA area until he died in 1955.
   So I would appreciate any info or photo copies of our street.

   Thank you.

I believe that the street was named after Everett Hall, co-developer of the Angeleno Heights Tract in 1886.  I read somewhere that "Marion" (street) was a daughter who died young.  "Innes" built a Victorian house on Carroll Ave.  I think that "Allison" was named after William Stilson's (Hall's partner) daughter  or sister.  "Calumet" (Iowa ?) may be from where they emmigrated. 
I don't have any documentation on these, but maybe someone else can help.
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