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Discovered an envelope, dated 1932, while doing rehab work on my place up Everett st.  The envelope is addressed to one of my apartments address and to a Mr. Fred H. Kiser. 
  I didn't think anything until last night when I final googled the name.  Finding he was one of the most successful commercial landscape photographers in the beginning 1/4 of the 20st cent.
   He made Oregon and Crater Lake specifically popular and was the National Parks Service's first official photographer.
   He lost everything and moved to LA in late 1928ish and lived her until his death in 1955.
   So, I am looking for any info about him and or images people have that are from him.

    Thanks you.

Hi Clay - I happened to come across your post while doing research on the Kiser brothers. Are you still interested in Fred?

Rahul, yes I am interested in info on Fred's life in Los Angeles.  I don't seem to find much info online
about his life here in LA after his move herein the late 1920s.  I know that he was interested in moving pictures(silent ones at that time) and there were numerous studios in and around Echo Park/Silverlake in those days, such as Max Sennet, Keystone, Disney, Kit Carson and more.  So, wondering if he got involved with them or not.
  Also, he seemed to live on my property for some time in the early 1930s.
So, I'm looking for info and or images of or by him while in Los Angeles.


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