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I am writing a biography and needed some background information.

In 1932, one of my subjects lived in a house at  2424 Marathon St. When I checked the property records, that address no longer exists, but there are three 1920's era houses on an adjoining lot which could have originally been 2424. Looking on Google it's hard to see what is at that address as it is obscured by fences.

Does anyone know if that is the case? How would I get the original property records to see who the owner was in 1932? I'm trying to work out how long my subject lived there for.


Darrell Urbien

Have you checked the records at Building and Safety? They have microfilm that goes back ages. I live down the hill from that address, and all the houses up there are on lots that now face the perpendicular streets (and therefore have those street addresses).

Darrell Urbien

You might also want to check the library for old Sanborn Fire Insurance maps - you could see the original shape of the building(s) on that lot.


You can try to check title records (ask a real estate agent to help) and see which parcel got split, etc.  Building permits can be ordered at Bldg & Safety and it's only a few dollars for all the permits they have on file.  That will show what buildings were there and who the owner was at time of the permit.  Also I like http://zimas.lacity.org/ to search parcels and how many buildings are on each parcel, etc.  From there you can get the APN # and go down to Bldg & Safety for permits.  Good luck!

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