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I am trying to find original plans for the first floor of the center for a project I am working on. Does anyone have any leads or possibly drawings?



Jackie Goldberg was very involved with the project to restore it. She is in politics now in Sacramento and her brother Art Goldberg is a local atty.


They may have some ideas where to look.


Hope this helps.


Also I wrote a piece about public records in the Hall of Records, now most of it is in Whittier in the new court house buildings. You could start at the hall of records downtown at temple and hill streets, they could probably direct you if the items are in the public records.


LA Public library might be helpful too. http://www.lapl.org

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Hello. Thanks for providing your detailed knowledge about Echo Park History. We invite you to join us at the next meeting of our Archives & Research Committee on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 2:30 pm. We will reply with location information.


We can always use help organizing and cataloging newspaper stories, photos as well as conducting oral histories and gathering other historic information.

"Jackie Goldberg was very involved with the project to restore it."

any idea what they are trying to restore? i live in the rec center and have for two years. when i first moved in they mentioned they wanted to pull up carpet in hallways and clean hardwood floors (done), give us bigger mailboxes (done) pressure wash the outside showing the detail of the building (done), have the shops in the building have a unified look as far as their signs and stuff (not done) redo the top of the building not sure what they meant not like patch things up but maybe put chairs or something up there (not done)

i really like the building but it doesnt have AC and during the hottest months thats major so i may look at other places in echo park down the line. but im curious if there is anything else they want to do
Hi, does anyone have the contact info for Jensen's rec center, for event booking?

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Hi. Here's the website address for Rec Center Studios:



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