Historic Echo Park
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Darrell Urbien
Hi, inspired by the home page article on the 100th year of Keystone, has anyone done a film-by-film study of Keystone locations in and around Echo Park? Does anyone know anywhere that HAS all the films available for public viewing? (I can only find scant DVD offerings) I have seen this done for other studios, and feel it would be of interest to the EPHS. It would also help me in my own research on several period addresses in the area - I'm especially interested in car chase sequences (where exteriors might be glimpsed) and shots in the actual Park.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would even volunteer to do the research; I just don't know how to access the footage.
Kevin Race
The one set I can immediately suggest is "Chaplin at Keystone" offered by Flicker Alley:


It's the set that inspired me to begin researching Echo Park and helped me find this site. Of course there are many more films to be discovered but so far this has been an excellent start for me, and the films look amazing in their newly restored condition.
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