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Tiffany Haynes
Hello.  I am working on a project and would like to interview local artists, figures and legends that have lived in the area for some time.  If anyone has suggestions, I would be great appreciate your help.
You can email me at tiffanyhaynes@gmail.com

Thank you.

Tiffany Haynes
Contact Peter Shire he has been an eclectic artist since the seventies. He designed the the artwork at the Red Line Station at Vermont and Wilshire.
His Brother Billy was guest on the old "What's My Line" for his artistry of leather jackets and other what nots.
Unfortunately I dont have a number or address. But this I know his shop is on Echo Park ave, about half-way from sunset to the backstreets of EP.

Later Fabian
Monique Zarcone
Hey Fabian!

Remember me? Monique Caravello. My siblings- Santo, Frank, Marie, Lisa?? Remember all of the loud heavy metal music coming out of the upper story of the house across the street? HA!! That was me rockin' out!!

How are you? This site is amazing-- pretty historically rich! I found it because I was looking for information about Ms. Mason who I knew passed away in the early 90's. She apparently went over a cliff as she was rushing to get to her mother in the convalescent home.

I couldn't believe it when I saw your name and the description of where you live. Do you still live in the same house? Have you seen what the new owners of my old house did to mine?? It's just not the same.

Tell your sister I said hello. I remember going to her wedding a looooooong time ago. I still remember your dad walking that little squirrel of a dog on the leash across the street from us. Is he still living? My dad is still living- he lives in Las Vegas near my sister.

Would love to hear from you-
Monique Zarcone (Caravello)
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