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david rowley

Well on a recent walk around my favorite lake after a 30 year hiatus working as a Firefighter Paramedic in the Mammoth area I noticed the Lotus Bed was gone. I went home and googled the subject and heard there were studies as why the decline and even an unsuccessful replanting of some disease resistant plants that also failed. One preposterous theory was that locals were eating the roots as an asian speciality. I went back which for me is quite a hike from Los Feliz to my house and tried to figure out what was different from when as a kid the lotus were taller than me and we spent countless hours and days fishing. I noticed that what we called "Tom Sawyer Island "  locked off and now looks like bird island. As I sat on a bench in front of the Lotus I noticed some sticks and hoped they were shoots. Using my binnoculars I have answered the loss of the Lotus. I counted 25 mature adult red eared turtles in the lotus bed alone, over a hundred in a walk around the lake. I knew this was it as I and checking with freinds and I am sure you will confirm never saw turtles while spending countles days fishing as a kid. I read that as it ages it becomes mainly a plant eater. Nuff said!

Martin Mahler
Hello David,

Long time no talk to...  I enjoyed your thread about EP lake.  Email me if you get a chance.

Martin Mahler
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