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Scott Stegenga


My wife and I live on Morton Ave near Magic Gas and took an extensive walk through the neighborhood into Elysian park yesterday. We live in those red and yellow bungalows at 1630.

As we walked up Morton to Elysian Park, we caught a glimpse of what looks like a pedestrian walkway called "Morton Walk" which is about halfway up Morton Place.

We took a walk down it yesterday and it goes in-between the homes and eventually ends at a fence to someone's backyard. Was this once an access sidewalk similar to how all the steps were used back in the day?

Scott Stegenga

todd calvert
hey scott,

we're at 1707 morton avenue and had the same question! our postman told us they're "officially" streets and that they're scattered all though the neighborhood. the fed-ex guy told us that some navigation systems will tell you to drive down them

todd calvert
oops, meant 1706 morton ave.
I live on the walk. The walk was never an open walkway/sidewalk, though I imagine it was planned to be a sidewalk all the way through to Effie St.  The houses on the walk were part of a four house development.  Effie St was supposed to go from Morton Ave up the hill to Sargent Place, but the grade was too steep, so they never completed it.  That's the reason the walkway dead ends at the gate of the yard of the house furthest in.
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