Historic Echo Park
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Roger Bennet
I have heard that the hillside area at Baxter and North Alvarado was called Quarry Hill..  Does anyone know where the quarry was and what was quarried?  Thank you.
--Roger Bennet
Scott Fajack

The most common references to a Quarry Hill apply to the area now occupied by Elysian park. The 1868 Hancock Survey of Los Angeles divided the remaining Pueblo Lands into 35-acre blocks. On the survey, the area of Elysian Park was referred to as the Rock Quarry Hills and designated “Reserved”. Other names that have been used for the area were the Stone Quarry Hills and the Red Rock Quarry Hills. The names referred to the sandstone that was quarried throughout the area now encompassed primarily by Dodger Stadium though most of the reserve is now Elysian Park. A number of brick manufactures were also present in the area on Bishops Canyon (now under the stadium) and Stadium Way and Lilac Terrace, where the 200-foot, tall eroded bluff demonstrates the handiwork of L.A. Brick, which mined the hill for material.

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