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Lea Lion

 Desperately seeking a good (and reasonable) roofer to put a new roof on my 1902 home in Angelino Heights. Do you have any recommendations? Also, I am curious: Is better to remove the existing roof layer or can I just put a new roof on top of the old. All advice and recommendations are appreciated.

Rose Gibbs

I am a remodeling contrator who is moving into LA area.  I stumbled across this site by pure hapstance, and I am NOT solicting business.   I do not know any roofing contractors in your area, however, I do know that there are building codes that regulate how many layers of roofing may be on any roof at any time.  In Atlanta (where I am moving from) the maximum allowed is 2 layers.  Your best bet is to contact your local code enforcement office and ask them how many layers are allowed.  This will prevent anyone from ordering you to rip off a new roof because you have exceeded the limits.


Best of luck to you in your search for a roofing contractor.

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