Historic Echo Park
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Michelle Torres
(A) For a home built in 1905, my friend and I are trying to find out resources for either acquiring assistance via grants or other similar types of help. Can anyone refer?
(B)  We are interested in refinishing some of the floors in this 1905 home and bring back some of the original wood under the ugly paint. Any resources or direction would be much appreciated.
--Thank You, Michelle Torres
J. Sanchez

Hi. I can't help you with your first question. But the best paint removal product I have found is a product called Jasco (or Jasko) that you can buy at most hardware stores. It's pretty toxic and you need to wear gloves, mask, eyewear, etc and make sure the room is always well ventilated. But I found it much easier and faster than sanding, using a heat gun, etc.

    I would like to find something less toxic but as effective. Any suggestions out there?
--J. Sanchez
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