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robert & reiko

can anyone recommend a good person/company to build retaining walls?

David Sotelo

Did you find someone to do retaining wall work?  If so, please let me know as I have the same need.  Thanks.   David

robert & reiko

i got a quote from boston brick and stone. they are in pasadena, but the quote seemed really high to me. $26,000.00 for a 33' by 5' cinder block wall. there is some excavating to do, but still...
there number is 626-296-7700, website bostonbrick.com

Retaining walls are inherently expensive.  Expecially if you're on a hillside.


My wife and I avoided paying 100,000 dollars to support our backyard in

Silverlake, after the heavy rainstorms two seasons ago.   After a year of

trying to find solutions to our major problem,  We decided to use the interlocking  manufactured stone blocks that you can get at home depot or

the like.  We were able to remove dirt,  install the block walls and fill them with gravel  (for drainage) for around 6,000 dollars.  We employed our gardener to do the work.  Much more feasible for

our budget.

Deb Bartley

Hey Robert,

I'm an old friend of Reiko's.

I've lost her contact info and found this page when I googled you guys.

Please pass on my info: deb at cablespeed.com l 206.290.5254.


deb bartley

Hugo Izquierdo
I just stumbled upon this site and as far as retaining walls, here are your concerns.
1. Building and Safety does not allow any wall above 2 feet without a slew of reports
2. You can do interlocking up to 2 feet but if inspector catches you in progress above  the 2 feet they will make you knock it down.
3.  I have built and rehabbed homes in echo park always had a retaining wall issue and cost for 10 feet tall by 8 feet  long  is about 2100 dollars material labor but no reports or inspection.
Hugo Izquierdo
RE/MAX Los Feliz/Silverlake

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