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Roger Vargo
Room 8 was the beloved pet and mascot of Elysian Heights School from 1952 until his death in 1968. During his reign at the school he became the most famous feline in Los Angles and arguably one of the most famous cats in America. He was the subject of a book, a photo spread in LOOK Magazine, appeared regularly in the pages of area newspapers, was a guest on the Art Linkletter television program and appeared in the NBC-Wolper documentary, "Big Cats, Little Cats."

Join historian Roger Vargo at the Echo Park Library Saturday, November 8 at 2 p.m. for a multimedia retrospective of Room 8's amazing life.

The library is located at 1410 W. Temple St. contact the library at 213-250-7808 for additional information.

Jacinto Guevara
I'm honored to say that I can remember petting that big gray monster on at least three occasions when he flopped down on my desk to sleep. I think Miss Kerr was the teacher.
For English/Writing, several times a year we had to answer fanmail to Room 8 from kids in other states. The teachers wanted us to write and sign our resonses as if WE were Room 8! I always refused. I signed my name and told the kids 'he' didn't have kittens. The school once got a letter from some little girl in Timbucktu, Minnesota or somwhere, but Mrs. Mason wouldn't allow the teacher to give it me.

steve williams
yeah i remember doing that too room 8 was our big claim to fame Jacinto you must have been in my class im 53 years old now
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