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Hey there!
After countless google searches, I am happy to have discovered this website! I am desperately trying to find old photographs of Carroll Avenue to give as a gift for my husband. We just moved to Angelino Heights and are absolutely in love with the area and its history. Recently in an open house on Carroll Avenue, we saw some original photographs hanging inside the house which were absolutely fascinating. I would love to get an original photograph of the street or surrounding area. If anyone has any info as to where I can find something like this- please let me know! I have googled just about everything and looked on the LA public library photo database and havent been able to find what I am looking for. Many thanks in advance!
Darrell Urbien

LA City Archives

Department of Building and Safety (lots of those old Vics were moved)



AAA Archives


Doesn't Angeleno Heights have a Historical Society as well?

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