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Dave Moore

Have not had a reply to my earlier posting concerning Seville St.  Perhaps because it was not in Echo Park, but on the western edge of Silver Lake (Silverlake?, another place name controversy).  I am still hoping that someone who lived on that vanished street will answer and have info and hopefully photos of that time long ago.


I guess I might have outlived anyone who lived on or knows anything about Seville St., which disappeared under the Hollywood Freeway back in the late 1940's.  No one has answered my two previous posts but I will keep checking in from time-to-time in case there is a reply.

Rory Mitchell
Hiya Dave --

A 1901 Map of the Streets of Los Angeles available at the lapl.org website under "map collection" shows a Seville St. near the intersection of Western Ave and Jefferson, southwest of downtown, but doesn't show anything in the Silverlake/Echo Park District.   Haven't seen the initial question, so maybe more info might help.  


Rory Mitchell 
To Rory,

Thanks for the reply, haven't checked this site for several months and saw your post just today.  Didn't know about the Seville St. you mentioned, but the street I lived on shows on LA street maps prior to construction of the 101.

 I'm almost 74 and nostalgia overcomes me at times, just curious if anyone who lived on that street in the 40's is still around and has photos of that time.


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