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Am told a member of the Streeton family built our house, and other Craftsmen like it on Morton Street (1700 block). John and Joseph, mostly.

If anyone has more info, Particularly about an artistic family member who was an artist (a wife, perhaps?), would love to hear. I have some names from city directories, but would love more stories.

Thanks in advance,

Kathy Streeton Issa
Hello Bug,

I hope that you have had lots of responses on your house since this post 2009 - I only discovered it today while searching for more information on the Streeton side of my family.  I found out about two years ago that I am the great-grand daughter of Joseph Streeton, original owner of the house on Morton Ave.  My Grandfather  was Percy Streeton, and my father was Jack Streeton.  I suspect that you know more about my ancestors that I do!

I discovered your ownership of the house through the Salvation Army recently and am doing a little bit of research to see how much more I can find.  I understand that you have gone to their historian, Sheila Chatterjee, to learn more about the Streetons.  Joseph and his wife Martha were both Brigadier Generals in the Salvation Army, having joined in 1881 in England where they were both born.  They did service in England, Canada, Colorado, and Los Angeles retiring in 1902 because Joseph had asthma and could no longer perform his duties.  He died in 1935 (LA was kind to his asthma) and Martha in 1952.  I was 6 when she died and may have been in the house as a small child, but I have no recollection of it.

I  have a family gathering photo (taken at the end of WWI when two of the Streetons returned from combat) which may have been taken in the interior of the house, probably a large parlor.  I also have Martha's 1952 obituary.

I hope that you see this post and can respond.  If I do not hear from you I will contact you through the SA historian, Ms. Chattergee.  I would love to see the house some day (I live near San Diego) and bring my brother as well.

Good luck on your search for information!
Kathy Issa
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