Historic Echo Park
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Robert Petricek

My wife and I lived in a duplex located on Laveta Terrace above Sunset & Echo Park. Our duplex was built in 1914, and on the grant deed, the area is labeled "Sunset Heights." Does anyone have any info on Sunset Heights?

--Robert Petricek
Lindsey Meyer
Our house on Scott Ave and Laveta Terrance (built in 1922) says the same thing on the deed. All of the tracts of land on Laveta Terrace are of similar size (except ours, which is divided into three houses, bummer). Perhaps it was a name the developer gave? The area is also called Elysian Heights...

I grew up on Laveta Terrace (lived on Douglas Street for a few years too) does anyone know the origin of the name "Laveta Terrace" ?  I have always been curious.   Sandi

Darrell Urbien

I believe these were all tract names - Golden West Heights, etc. You see them a lot on old maps and census data. Only certain ones survive to this day as place names.

nicole daddio
I also live on Laveta Terrace....I was told when I bought the house that Laveta means "the veins" and that the hillside is mostly Quartz. When we built our foundation wall, we indeed saw all the veins of the Quartz crystal in the hillside!
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