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Piper Mavis

Hello. My question is how one gets that spray stucco ( I think its tex-cote) off of my wood clapboard bungalow. I noticed that you are having a workshop on this topic, unfortunately I am moving abroad for two years in September so I need to get started right away. I've heard that you can't sand blast, and that it would take too much Jasco so any help in this department would be so greatly appreciated because it is an insult to my bungalow that someone stuccoed it (even the brick chimney and porch)! Thank you for any tips you have.

   --Piper Mavis

No name given

De-Stucco Experts Needed
We just purchased a home that was built in 1918, which has pink stucco that we believe was put on in the 1990s.  We understand from the neighbors that the original wood is under the stucco.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a contractor with experience removing stucco and restoring the original wood? 

My home was stuccoed, all the outer wood was taken off, My neighbor resided her home with wood looking vinyl. I do not know what she paid, But can stucco be repainted? or is siding an option. My home was built in 1914 but all of the important elements where taken off years ago. I would call my place a used to be bungalow. I did find awesome floors last year after 2 layers of carpet and 4 of linoleum. I will be buying an antique door soon, I hope.

Hugo Izquierdo
My recomends for exterior stucco on top of wood siding.
1.  Demolition cost (to remove stucco) very carefully
2.  Damage (always happens) to wood underneath
3.  Refinish wood hopefully you have the money and no rehab loan necessar or you may have to deal with lead and or asbestos requirements by lender.
4.  Repaint, you will need very good refinishers or you will see grooves in wood
Basically they do what a body shop does to a crashed car fill with putty.

You are better of removing wood and stucco add insulation through the outside if none and add vapor barriers (felt) and then relay wood on.
Less dust faster finish times can choose from pine or research original wood siding.
Labor is always the most expensive part of construction
Hugo Izquierdo
RE/MAX Los Feliz/Silverlake

Kevin Kuzma

I've just noticed your posting today.

If you are interested, the EPHs is looking for a volunteer for our stucco removal workshop as a part of our restoration workshop series.

We could do a (hidden) portion of the stucco so that you can assess the condition of the wood underneath & estimate how much it might cost in time & materials to do the whole job.

Is this something that might interest you?


Bruce Orwin

Piper, Are you my cousin?  I live in Somerset, Kentucky.  Is your grandmother Katheryn (sp?) Mavis?

Can anyone recommend a good contractor for stucco removal and siding restoration? Someone with experience in Echo Park?

Please email me. walkininla@gmail.com

Thank you!!!
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