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Shirley Noyes - Sullivan
I lived on Allesandro Street from about 1942 through 1952, than we moved up to Effie st. till about 1954. I went to Clifford St school from kindergarten through 6th grade, growing up in the Echo Park area, I had the best childhood. I grew up in Echo park, we were there at least once a week, on the swings, going to the boat house for hot dogs, or riding in the electric boats. We would go over to the Island, on the green bridge, and play for hours. As I grew up we lived right across the street from, Glendale blvd. where the Palace Roller rink was. I loved to roller skate, and baby sat so I could buy my own Shoe skates, I went to the Palace rink every weekend, I went to the afternoon sessions and as I grew older could go to the Saturday Night one too. I went to Thomas Starr King Junior high school, 7th & 8th grades. When we moved away I cried, I love my neighbors and all our friends. When My mother and step father hit a rough patch, we moved to a apartment house on Echo Park Ave. for about a year, I went to Belmont high school, wasn't to bad, there were a lot of friends I had gone to Junior high school with, but than we moved away again. I have many happy memories of the Ramona movie theater on sunset blvd., and riding the street car down through the subway to the annex building on hill street, going to the beautiful Los Angeles movie Theater and than to dinner at Clifton's cafeteria, I liked the one on Olive (had a Hawaiian decor) but went most to the Clifton's on Broadway. I worked at the Examiner newspaper on Broadway for a couple of years after I got married, always loved the big department stores and their Christmas windows. I was wondering if anyone ever went to the Palace Roller rink ??                             Shirley Noyes- Sullivan
Cheryl Fox
Hello there, this sounds just like my younger years in Echo Park. We also went to the Ramona Theater on Sunset for the Saturday matinee. Where exactly was the roller rink located? I was born there in 1955. I can remember some older, empty buildings, but we had to go to pick wick to skate. -Thanks, Cheryl
paul harper
do you recall your address on Allesandro? Check out my topic entitled Allesandro St.
Shirley Sullivan
The Palace Roller Rink was on Glendale Blvd. it was almost straight across the street from where Allesandro cuts of of Glendale Blvd.. The last time I was up that way, it's now some kind of business, the only way I could locate it was   because it has a rounded roof. They have built many building around it, it use to have a very large parking lot in front.

The house I lived on, was a craftsman, big front porch, I am not sure of the address, but I think it might have been 1622 Allesandro St., it cuts off of Glendale Blvd to the right,(a short cut I guess) and crosses Berkley. As a child there was a market across Glendale Blvd. near Berkley, The Tip Top Market, use to go there a lot. Oh how I loved that Neighborhood, it was a good place to grow up.  GOOD PEOPLE. I cried when my mother remarried and we moved away, I went to Clifford Street  school, all 6 years and Thomas Starr Junior High, 7 & 8 grades.

I use to play with one of the Watson's granddaughter Robin, they lived up on Berkley, great big house, when their children were young, they were actors, were in the movies. Later I know one of their boys was a reporter for the Times newspaper. They had four or five garages at the back of their home, up above the garages there was a big open room, they stored all kinds of old stuff there, they had trunks full of old clothes, and on rainy days, Robin and I would go up there and play dress up, put on big hats, with feathers, and some with birds, yes, it was a wonderful time to grow up, I have fond memories of my youth on Allesandro St.

                                              Shirley Noyes-Sullivan

Cheryl fox
havent checked back into edhs for a while! I actually lived Alvarado and also on McCollum dr. Did you know the Judson family on Alessandro? Mr. Knutson was a nice man. Also, my mom and dad had a hobby with tropical fish and opened a tropical fish stor/ pet store in the mid sixties in the location of a market, next door to a shore repair and the rexall drugstore. I went that market when I was very, very young. Also, the market up on Berkeley and McCollum. Hope to hear from you, cheryl
Foxcrealtor@yahoo.com or reintheoc@gmail.com
Cheryl fox
that was Knudtson family.
Cheryl Fox
hi Shirley, I haven't seen a post from you for a while, hope all is well. I just saw a photo on facebook about something falling from the sky and it was a photo taken coming down glendale blvd., looking toward downtown an d the corner of Berkeley ave at rexall drugstore. I'd know that corner anywhere!
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