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Rick Sherman

Seeking any information on Echo Park environs and Echo Park Lake Summer 1948.  Not a specific event, I'm inventing that myself for a fiction story.  But, I need to know what types of supermarkets were in the area and active.  And what churches in walking distance.  I've been to the area several times, but that was before I needed to know. I know there is a Pioneer food market there now, but I don't know when it was built
Also location of the stairway where Laurel & Hardy filmed their piano delivery short

--Thanks,  Rick Sherman, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Robert Petricek

I know of at least one church near Echo Park that was there in the 1948 and the church is still there today. I know it was there back then because my mom & dad were married there on June 28, 1948, and I have a lot of pictures from their wedding.

     The church back then was the First Congregational Church, and behind the alter was a huge pipe organ, filling the entire wall. I remember this church very well as we would go there on Easter Sunday. Please let me know if I can be of any help with info or pics.
--Robert Petricek
Emily H
I don't know about grocery stores but I can tell you that Henry Wallace's campaign for President (Progressive Party ticket) would have been active in 1948 and that leftists in Echo Park (and Silver Lake) were involved in his campaign. Harry Hay, a leftist and then-Communist Party member who lived in Silver Lake, helped found a group called "Bachelors for Wallace" which was a predecessor to the more well known Mattachine Society (one of the first gay rights groups in the US).

Echo Park (the Park itself) was also pretty well known among gay men as a cruising area. I am doing research on gay & lesbian history in LA and keep coming across references to men meeting each other for sex in the park (and men being entrapped by the police there too).

Amy Semple McPherson temple is now called a part of the dream center. It is the round church by echo park lake which had a brass band on Sundays. Sister Aimee was famous for the fraud on her congregation and the people of Los Angeles when she went off to a trysting place in Santa Barbara with some guy in a pearce arrow.


It was the first case of fraud brought by the Los Angeles City Attorney.


The episcopal church sits on the east side of the lake nowadays, beautifully rebuilt.


There are several other churches within blocks including united methodist just down Alvarado near Montana and a catholic church at Fargo and Glendale Boulevard.


If you want addresses and names of churches, markets, etc. of today I will look them up.


Pioneer market is now gone, it sold and everyone said the owner was a crook. I went in one day and the clerk dumped my soda on the conveyor belt and began to yell and scream that it was my fault and I had to pay for it. I knew something was wrong.


I walked out and shortly thereafter the building was vacated. Now it is a walgreens.


There are some korean and latino markets along sunset. Don't know how long they have been there.


Since I live in Echo Park I'm interested in this old stuff too.


Perhaps I can go and look in old phone books at the public library if they have them. You could contact the lapublic library at http://www.lapl.org and ask for assistance. They have an extensive photo data base you can search.


Let me know if you have trouble getting access. A library card with a local address will get you into the databases for most items.


There is a real nice lady down the street who has lived here for years.


Her name is Rosie.


I will ask her if I can give you her phone no. so you can call her and find out stuff about where the markets were, the names of the churches, etc. She's lived here about 50 years and knows all about the area.


send me an email so I can give you the info off the net, so to speak.



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