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Timothy Foy

Is there a source for information on how to repair windows or recommendations for local repairpersons?  I've got old windows where all the ropes are gone and/or the windows no longer move easily in their frames.

   --Timothy Foy 
Kevin Kuzma

Repairing your home's old windows is one of the most fulfilling  restoration projects you can do.  Once you understand that basic idea  of how they work, you can repair them yourself. 

      Please see my past  newsletter articles on the subject.   Also, see Terence Meany's  wonderful book on the subject, "Working Windows", which can be ordered by your local bookstore or purchased online.

    As for craftspeople, I don't have any referrals, but we do plan on  doing a couple of hands-on workshop demonstrations this year.  Perhaps  you would be interested in hosting our workshop (and getting a couple  of windows fixed, to boot).
   -- Kevin Kuzma Vice President, EPHS
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